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Miles ahead in transport
Transportation starts at Combinex.  We specialise in organising transport across Europe, and thanks to our extensive international network we can meet virtually any transport request. We can also organise smooth and detailed transport operations around the world.  

Watch the broadcast of the RTL 7 program "Success Factor". In this broadcast, different staff talk enthusiastically about the ins and outs of Combinex.

A partner for transport providers and clients
Are you looking for transport services, or would you like to offer cargo space? Either way, Combinex could be your logistical partner. We’re a matchmaker, bringing together supply and demand in cargo space. We create financial and practical solutions, for the mutual benefit of all parties.  

Capacity always available
We manage a solid network of transporters who are always on hand with cargo space, topped up with a pool of other transport providers that we can call on for added capacity. Together, they can meet any transport requirements. 

Complete logistical service
Our extensive logistical expertise means we can efficiently handle your storage and transfer needs. If you wish, we can also handle any administration with regard to packaging, including tracing and returning.
24 hour availability
You can contact Combinex 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whatever your query – rates, documentation, operations – you’ll always get a clear answer. Try us out, and see how we can give your transport a headstart.