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Combiex has expanded their own tautliner-trailerpark.

Today our 10th Krone trailer in the serie of 10 has been delivered to Combinex at the Krone factory in Werlte in Germany.

Guarantee for our clients.

Combinex had placed an order in 2018 for 10 Krone Trailers, that would be delivered from January 2019 onwards, with an option to place another order of 15 trailers to Combinex in the course of 2019. The goal is to ensure an even larger and better guaranteed capacity for our clients, and this has led to the decision for Combinex to expand our own trailer park. With this decision, Combinex expects to ensure a higher service level to our clients.

All trailers satisfy the newest regulation in regards to load securement, and are all accommodated with the newest telematics technology systems.


Combinex financially healthy

Combinex is an international logistics service provider, that has grown to one of the most successful logistics service provider in only 12.5 years, where CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and social entrepreneurship are highly appreciated with a financially sound foundation.

With more than 90 skilled employees, Combinex is active in both the ambient- and conditioned market of goods. These employees arrange more than 450 transports every day. In addition to our forwarding department, our Combinex Planning has contracts with approximately 150 regular charters, which Combinex expects to expand to 200 charters under direct supervision.



In regards to the plans for the future, there is a permanent desire within the organization for expansion of our regular charters and/or collaboration with hauliers, who want to work with Combinex with a long-term contract. Do you have interest in such a collaboration? Please contact Jack Noordermeer, our manager of Transport & Poland.

Within the group both forwarding- and transport activities are carried out, with an enormous network of hauliers and charters. Since our start in June 2006, Combinex has seen a large growth.