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Monitor Logistiek en Goederenvervoer confirms need for bundling loads

The Dutch transport industry is expanding steadily! But in order to facilitate the growth, a bundling of the flow of goods and bigger load volumes of freight trucks is needed. This is shown in the monitor Logistiek en Goederenvervoer van het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, (Monitor Logistics and Freight Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), which was published on 1 July, 2015. Combinex recognizes the ministry’s signals.

Getting more trucks to facilitate the growth is not the solution. This would lead to more emission of hazardous substances and congestion. In addition, it would lead to more intense competition between transporters and non-equal relationships between the client and the transporter. Efficient organization of load flows must therefore be coupled with an honest and transparent attitude by all parties in the logistics chain.

Combinex has been efficiently organizing road transport since 2006. In addition, we create a strong and reliable chain through a personal and equal relationship with both clients and transporters; with socially aware business operations and consideration for the environment, partners, and employees.

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