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Combinex nominated for Entrepreneur Award in Transport and Logistics

We are proud that Combinex was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Transport and Logistics 2016. The nomination was announced on 22 October, at the Bedrijfsauto RAI during the Nieuwsblad Transport Conference. In addition to entrepreneurship, attention is given to the theme 1+1=3. This means that there will be a further look into, for example, collaboration.

1+1=5 through social entrepreneurship

The theme is perfect for Combinex . It is our ambition to be a reliable partner for both clients and transporters. Transporters ensure quality transport, Combinex ensures the increase of load volume. Transporters can count on openness and transparency and a quick payment period. The equal relationship ensures an efficient and reliable chain for our clients. In addition, we are considerate of our environment in our work. CO2-savings is at the core of our company and we are socially involved with associations. At this time, collaboration at the national level is being worked on with Voedselbanken Nederland (Netherlands Food Banks). Combinex’ ambition goes further than 1+1=3. With our unique collaboration with clients and transporters plus social responsibility, it changes into 1+1 5! 

The announcement will be made at the annual TLN conference on 21 November, 2015. 

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