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Showing respect for our environment

We think it is important to treat our environment and everyone we come into contact with with respect. And we like to go the extra mile to achieve that!

Social employment practices

The development of individual members of staff and the Combinex team as a whole is one of our most important success factors. Our recruitment and selection policy aims to mix young people with experienced senior members of staff. Want to find out more about Combinex as an employer? Visit our careers page.

CO2 reduction

We feel it is better to keep the load factor of existing transporters as high as possible. This principle has been laid down in a Lean & Green certificate. Our approach reduced CO2 emissions and is better for the budget of the client and transporter.

Support for charities

We form part of society.  Society should therefore be able to count on us. We make this tangible as a logistics partner of Voedselbanken Nederland and as the sponsor/donor of many local clubs.

As a company, you benefit from applying what you are good at for a social cause.  That is why we are proud of being the logistics partner of Voedselbanken Nederland. Combinex organises and optimises transport from suppliers to regional distribution centres and between these centres, free of charge. We cannot do this alone. A lot of transporters form part of the transporter’s community for Voedselbanken Nederland.

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Voluntary organisations in our immediate surroundings can count on our support. Combinex supports:

  • A Sister's Hope
  • Chep Roparun
  • Crescendo
  • Fluks avondvierdaagse
  • Hartedroom Mont Ventoux
  • Bejaardentehuis Heemzicht
  • Hoeksche Renners
  • Koor Hosanna
  • Hospice Zuid-Beijerland
  • Huttenbouw
  • Zangvereniging Inspiration
  • Modelauto beurs
  • Motorclub "We zien wel"
  • Voetbalvereniging NBSVV
  • Oranjevereniging Zuid-Beijerland
  • Roparun Runningteam Korendijk
  • School at Sea
  • Voetbalvereniging SHO
  • Speeltuin SHO
  • Tennisvereniging 't Slag
  • Voedselbank Zuid Beijerland
  • Volleybalvereniging Hovoc uit Hoeven
  • Voetbalvereniging ZBVH


Certificates, memberships and awards: