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Combinex è lo specialista nella gestione dei trasporti con massima attenzione al cliente.

Cerchiamo la soluzione di trasporto ottimale in base al vostro budget e alla vostra pianificazione. In qualità di spedizionieri collaboriamo con una vasta rete di trasportatori professionisti in tutta Europa da cui è nata una catena affidabile nella quale il filo conduttore è sempre il vostro interesse.

La qualità dei vostri prodotti è messa sempre in primo piano. Per garantire questa qualità, Combinex ha conseguito diversi certificati, tra i quali le certificazioni Transport en Logistiek, HACCP e Lean & Green. Tutte le nostre certificazioni sono state elencate nella sezione Attenzione per l'ambiente circostante.

Curiamo gli interessi dei nostri clienti. I nostri 70 collaboratori coinvolti sanno dove sono le vostre sfide dal punto di vista logistico e fanno sì che queste vengano affrontate in maniera rapida e a fronte di un prezzo concorrenziale. Non importa se si tratti di prodotti su pallet, bigbag, conservabili o trasporto refrigerato e surgelato. 

Grazie alla nostra rete di trasportatori professionisti il vostro trasporto da o per, o all'interno del Benelux, Germania, Francia, Europa orientale, Scandinavia o Gran Bretannia è in buone mani. Basta una telefonata e al resto ci pensiamo noi!

Volete sapere cosa può rappresentare per voi Combinex? Su Combinex e Combinex Fresh & Frozen sono disponibili maggiori informazioni.

I trasportatori sono i partner commerciali più importanti della Combinex. Infatti sono coloro che assicurano che i prodotti raggiungano il luogo di destinazione integri e in tempo. Tutto questo merita rispetto!

Siete trasportatori e volete diventare dei partner della Combinex? Potrete trovare maggiori informazioni su Trasportatori.

notizie Tenere traccia di Combinex e la nostra visione del trasporto e della logistica

New location

At the end of December, Combinex opened the doors of a new location. The new premises are located in Oud-Beijerland and are an expansion of the location in Zuid-Beijerland. The location in Zuid-Beijerland was getting too small for the number of employees, as a result of the growth Combinex has been experiencing. The new location has a surface of 867 m2 and consists of two storeys. The business units France, Benelux, Germany North, Germany South, Germany Export, Germany Ruhr, Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom have been established here. The Fresh & Frozen department and the administration and acquisition departments are located at the Zuid-Beijerland site. The two locations together ensure a total office space of 1200 m2, where about 70 people work daily.

In addition to the move, there is also a change in the internal organisational structure. From 1 January on, the organisation of Combinex has been divided into various business units. This split enables greater focus, which allows us to deliver better quality. With the switch to business units, the organisation is divided into the following departments:  Benelux, DE-South import, DE- North Import, DE-Ruhr, DE-Export, UK/Scandinavia, France and the rest of Europe.

A business unit consists of a manager, sellers, planners, customer service employees and one employee for packaging. With this organisational development, we want to optimise service to customers and/or transporters in order to increase quality. For more information about a specific business unit, please call:  +31 (0)186 667166. 

Combinex proclaimed as Best Managed Company 2015

Combinex belongs to one of the best managed companies among Dutch mid-sized and large companies this year. ING and Deloitte announced this last Tuesday, 1 December. The qualification is part of the Best Managed Companies program, which is organised by ING and Deloitte, along with the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship / Rotterdam School of Management.

Deloitte organised the Best Managed Companies program for the eighth consecutive year and for the second time in collaboration with ING. Combinex participated for the first time this year and was selected by the jury as one of the best managed companies in the Netherlands. Deloitte and ING assessed Combinex’ strategy, management, degree of innovation and financial results for this.


Combinex’ manager, Arie Troost, said that the program is very valuable for the development of the company. “De feedback we received from Deloitte and ING about our operations provides us with guiding principles for the future.”  Arie Troost is proud that Combinex gets to carry the title of Best Managed Company 2015: ‘’We are immensely happy with this beautiful award and we will continue to grow our ambition without compromising quality or service.”

About the Best Managed Companies program

Searching for the best managed companies in the category of Dutch mid-sized and large companies, ING and Deloitte assess the strategy, the operations, the degree of innovation and the financial results of the participating companies. The Best Managed Companies program focuses on Dutch companies with a turnover of at least fifteen million Euros, which are financially healthy and have shareholder or independently authorised management. An overview of the winners can be found at:

For more information contact Mr. Arie Troost.
+31(0)186 667166

Transport company Combinex wins TLN Entrepreneur Award 2016

During the annual TLN Conference, international transport company Combinex from Zuid-Beijerland was proclaimed as the winner of the Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics 2016 in the category of medium-sized companies.  Eduard van den Hout, manager (BU) Fresh & Frozen and Peter van der Sluijs, manager (BU) Duitsland, received the prize from the hands of Walther Ploos van Amstel, Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, entrepreneur and columnist.

The Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics is a prestigious prize within the sector, with which TLN motivates entrepreneurs to continuously pay attention to quality improvement, professionalization and innovation in the sector. The Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics had ‘1 + 1 = 3’ as its special theme for the year.  This was the third time Combinex was a finalist. What didn’t happen the other times happened this time: Acknowledgement for all the hard work done by all Combinex employees.

Jury report

According to the jury, Combinex B.V. is a company that carefully considers doing the right thing for the client and is a company with a special approach, as they, as a mid-sized and small company, collaborate with MKB shippers, which enables both parties to grow. The jury also appreciated the motivated employees, who had great hopes for winning the TLN Entrepreneur Award this year. Due to this approach, the jury decided to proclaim Combinex B.V. as the winner of the Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics 2016, in the mid-sized category.

External audit

Per category: small, mid-sized and large companies were nominated. To determine the ultimate winners, TLN hired the Dekra agency as an independent certification board to do the company rating. Combinex B.V. was visited by the Dekra and tested, using the management model of the INK-institute and an assessment based on the theme of the year, ‘1 + 1 = 3’. At Combinex this was soon expanded to 1 + 1 = 5’.

Awards Ceremony

At the awards ceremony, Eduard van den Hout and Peter van der Sluijs expressed gratitude to all the people that work for Combinex: employees, clients, charters, transporters and all other suppliers. Combinex is a reliable partner for both clients and transporter. This is expressed in, for example, a quick payment term. We hope to be a good example for other clients in this. We still care about our environment and it is important to us to give back to society. We are therefore planning to start collaborating with Food Banks in the Netherlands soon. We also want to cooperate with transporters that also want to offer assistance to vulnerable people in our society. Transporters that would like to join in with this may report to Combinex.

“Of course, we are very happy with this beautiful award and would like to thank everyone that made a big or small contribution to our success – and I include our loyal clients in this. We will continue to grow our ambition, without losing quality or service.”

Note to editor: For more information, please contact Mr. E. van den Hout or Mr. Peter van der Sluijs.
Tel: 06 –30952538
Tel: 06-53573069

Combinex nominated for Entrepreneur Award in Transport and Logistics

We are proud that Combinex was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Transport and Logistics 2016. The nomination was announced on 22 October, at the Bedrijfsauto RAI during the Nieuwsblad Transport Conference. In addition to entrepreneurship, attention is given to the theme 1+1=3. This means that there will be a further look into, for example, collaboration.

1+1=5 through social entrepreneurship

The theme is perfect for Combinex . It is our ambition to be a reliable partner for both clients and transporters. Transporters ensure quality transport, Combinex ensures the increase of load volume. Transporters can count on openness and transparency and a quick payment period. The equal relationship ensures an efficient and reliable chain for our clients. In addition, we are considerate of our environment in our work. CO2-savings is at the core of our company and we are socially involved with associations. At this time, collaboration at the national level is being worked on with Voedselbanken Nederland (Netherlands Food Banks). Combinex’ ambition goes further than 1+1=3. With our unique collaboration with clients and transporters plus social responsibility, it changes into 1+1 5! 

The announcement will be made at the annual TLN conference on 21 November, 2015. 

Eduard van den Hout (+31(0)6-30952538,

New Combinex website

Since it was founded, in 2006, Combinex has been growing fast. We also have a growth ambition for the coming years: from 40 to 100 employees and an expansion of our work as refrigeration and deep-freeze charterer in the newly founded Combinex Fresh & Frozen BV. That requires a new website too. We are proud to be able to present that today.

Peace of mind, reliability and social responsibility

The three Combinex promises are prominent on the website: peace of mind, reliability and social responsibility. These promises apply not only to our clients, but also to transporters, (potential) employees and our environment. The promises are shown in words and images. In addition, the website offers the option to request digital quotes, register as a transport partner or apply for a job.

Please visit our website:

Peter van der Sluijs (+31(0)6-53573069,

Monitor Logistiek en Goederenvervoer confirms need for bundling loads

The Dutch transport industry is expanding steadily! But in order to facilitate the growth, a bundling of the flow of goods and bigger load volumes of freight trucks is needed. This is shown in the monitor Logistiek en Goederenvervoer van het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, (Monitor Logistics and Freight Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), which was published on 1 July, 2015. Combinex recognizes the ministry’s signals.

Getting more trucks to facilitate the growth is not the solution. This would lead to more emission of hazardous substances and congestion. In addition, it would lead to more intense competition between transporters and non-equal relationships between the client and the transporter. Efficient organization of load flows must therefore be coupled with an honest and transparent attitude by all parties in the logistics chain.

Combinex has been efficiently organizing road transport since 2006. In addition, we create a strong and reliable chain through a personal and equal relationship with both clients and transporters; with socially aware business operations and consideration for the environment, partners, and employees.

Peter van der Sluijs (+31(0)6-53573069,

Le nostre promesse [#1/3]

Combinex è un partner commerciale affidabile sia per i clienti che per i trasportatori. Le informazioni relativamente ai tempi di caricamento e scaricamento attuali e i rapporti periodici vi permetteranno di essere sempre aggiornati. Inoltre Combinex ha una posizione finanziaria forte, certificata dalla Financieel Gezond Award della Graydon. I trasportatori possono contare su pagamenti tempestivi e congrui.

Le nostre promesse [#2/3]

Combinex è un partner commerciale affidabile sia per i clienti che per i trasportatori. Le informazioni relativamente ai tempi di caricamento e scaricamento attuali e i rapporti periodici vi permetteranno di essere sempre aggiornati. Inoltre Combinex ha una posizione finanziaria forte, certificata dalla Financieel Gezond Award della Graydon. I trasportatori possono contare su pagamenti tempestivi e congrui.

Le nostre promesse [#3/3]

Combinex lavora con un occhio all'ambiente che la circonda. La pianificazione efficiente assicura un alto grado di caricamento dei mezzi e di conseguenza un livello di emissioni di CO2 il più basso possibile. Inoltre vengono sostenute delle associazioni locali e attività di pubblica utilità. La conduzione sociale dell'azienda è fondata sulla correttezza e sulla trasparenza.