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notizie Tenere traccia di Combinex e la nostra visione del trasporto e della logistica

Transport company Combinex wins TLN Entrepreneur Award 2016

During the annual TLN Conference, international transport company Combinex from Zuid-Beijerland was proclaimed as the winner of the Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics 2016 in the category of medium-sized companies.  Eduard van den Hout, manager (BU) Fresh & Frozen and Peter van der Sluijs, manager (BU) Duitsland, received the prize from the hands of Walther Ploos van Amstel, Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, entrepreneur and columnist.

The Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics is a prestigious prize within the sector, with which TLN motivates entrepreneurs to continuously pay attention to quality improvement, professionalization and innovation in the sector. The Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics had ‘1 + 1 = 3’ as its special theme for the year.  This was the third time Combinex was a finalist. What didn’t happen the other times happened this time: Acknowledgement for all the hard work done by all Combinex employees.

Jury report

According to the jury, Combinex B.V. is a company that carefully considers doing the right thing for the client and is a company with a special approach, as they, as a mid-sized and small company, collaborate with MKB shippers, which enables both parties to grow. The jury also appreciated the motivated employees, who had great hopes for winning the TLN Entrepreneur Award this year. Due to this approach, the jury decided to proclaim Combinex B.V. as the winner of the Entrepreneur Award for Transport and Logistics 2016, in the mid-sized category.

External audit

Per category: small, mid-sized and large companies were nominated. To determine the ultimate winners, TLN hired the Dekra agency as an independent certification board to do the company rating. Combinex B.V. was visited by the Dekra and tested, using the management model of the INK-institute and an assessment based on the theme of the year, ‘1 + 1 = 3’. At Combinex this was soon expanded to 1 + 1 = 5’.

Awards Ceremony

At the awards ceremony, Eduard van den Hout and Peter van der Sluijs expressed gratitude to all the people that work for Combinex: employees, clients, charters, transporters and all other suppliers. Combinex is a reliable partner for both clients and transporter. This is expressed in, for example, a quick payment term. We hope to be a good example for other clients in this. We still care about our environment and it is important to us to give back to society. We are therefore planning to start collaborating with Food Banks in the Netherlands soon. We also want to cooperate with transporters that also want to offer assistance to vulnerable people in our society. Transporters that would like to join in with this may report to Combinex.

“Of course, we are very happy with this beautiful award and would like to thank everyone that made a big or small contribution to our success – and I include our loyal clients in this. We will continue to grow our ambition, without losing quality or service.”

Note to editor: For more information, please contact Mr. E. van den Hout or Mr. Peter van der Sluijs.
Tel: 06 –30952538
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